Carolyn A. Scarborough
Writing Wisdom Coach


Have you heard the whispering
to write a book?

Are you ready to step into your power and write the wisdom you’re here to share with the world?


Your words matter, and there are people waiting to hear them…

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur who is ready to get your business message out — through articles, blogs or books — to a larger number of people? Or someone with personal life stories ripe for expression? Maybe you’re a writer who has stayed comfortable for too long, letting the big, creative projects languish in drawers?


I can help you to:

 Get past the overwhelm of “Where do I start” to the confidence of “Here...”
 Find and express your voice — in writing and in life.
 Write in a way that becomes an energizing lift in your day.
 Find markets for your writing.
 Dissolve writer’s block as you turn negative self-talk into gifts.
 Turn words into well-deserved money.
 Capture valuable book and story ideas throughout your day.
 Create pockets of writing time, even in the midst of family and business demands.


Together, we’ll take your book from a promising idea flitting around your head to the published page.



I’ll midwife the writing that most wants
to be birthed,
the ideas in the belly of your being
that no longer want to wait…



By using the Writing in the Now© method, you’ll be able to harness the creative energy and wisdom of the present moment to write and live more effortlessly and joyfully.


So, why me?


Not only am I a professionally trained life coach, but I’m also a published author, an award-winning magazine writer with more than 500 articles in publications around the world, an editor, newspaper columnist, ghostwriter, blogger and journaler. And as an entrepreneur mother, I know the terrain of juggling writing and family and how to coax out words even if all that’s available is 15 minutes during dance rehearsal.

Are you ready to begin?
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“Don’t worry about being new, worry about being human. Everything has been written, content wise, but you’re the only one who can connect with your unique humanity and share it with the world.”  -- Julie Cameron



Have you heard the whispering to write (or write more) ... but spend more time thinking about it than doing it?

Are you longing to take that first step and see what’s there?


If so, we are delighted to send the free “Writing with Ease” 5-lesson e-course to you. In small bites, you’ll be empowered to go from resistance to ease and beyond...



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